The essence of art is in nature

The essence of art
is in nature

There is no doubt that it is common view of the world that flowers and plants are symbols of beauty.
For all artists, using flowers and plants as motifs is the epitome of beauty. Everyone is captivated by their beauty and has attempted to express even the unseen radiance of life they possess.
In the Our art magazine "Artists Garden," we feature a variety of art forms centered around plants and flowers, including botanical art, landscapes, still-life paintings, and impressionistic landscapes. We aim to create an art collection that resembles a beautiful garden.
The scope of expression includes not only paintings but also sculptures, flower arrangements, handmade crafts, ink art, photography, poetry, and all forms of expression except for videos and installations.
Like a single tree spreading into a forest or a single flower expanding into a vast plain, the range of expression extends from representational to abstract. Like an ecosystem, it seeks to expand and interpret in all directions.
In summary, if we were to express the theme of this magazine in one word, it would be "celebration of plants" using art as a means of expression. We aim to compile a book that captures the mysterious world where flowers and plants are regarded as the source of beauty, endlessly expanding within the "garden of art."

Title : The Artists Garden
*amazon japan store limited edition
Date of issue : End of July 2023
also available
Size : A4
*We will send you a magazine to the artist who cooperated with the publication of your work

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